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In February 2001, a small group of concerned artists and victim rights advocates based in Austin, TX, met to reflect on existing racial and ethnic disparities within the victim service field, and the historical predominance of art as a vehicle for expression, education, and healing. After several deliberations, an organization was formed under the name Arte Sana (art heals) and the preliminary steps towards developing a nonprofit were set into motion.
Under the leadership of the organization's co-founders, Laura Zárate and Oralia Díaz , the group began to proactively promote the link between art and healing with the intent of focusing on predominately underserved populations. By providing services to improve the quality of life of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, Arte Sana hoped to not only heal current wounds, but prevent new ones as well. By year's end, more than 6,000 visitors had visited the group's website and numerous trainings around the United States and México had taken place. In 2002 Arte Sana's collaborations and outreach increased significantly via the award of grant funding and the first art exhibit for sexual abuse survivors went international. In 2003 the consolidation of Arte Sana's work and various collaborations would yield national recognition.
Furthermore, Arte Sana’s internationally recognized website serves as an Internet resource-sharing platform for Spanish-speaking communities and offers a growing collection of bilingual information on sexual assault and intimate partner violence issues as well as activist survivor art.  
Our efforts
Arte Sana currently promotes healing and empowerment through the arts, professional training, and community education. Our direct experience has confirmed that Latinas/os are less likely to report sexual assault due to the obstacles in obtaining victim services such as language barriers, cultural factors, and a fear of deportation. Given this sad reality, we at Arte Sana believe that violence risk reduction program and service effectiveness depends on cultural and linguistic competency as well as ongoing collaborations sin fronteras (without borders).
In its more than 10 years of existence, Arte Sana has reached over 11,000 persons, 48% of whom were victim advocates, promotoras, and allied professionals from the Texas-Mexico border. Most notably, 30% of the persons served received presentations in Spanish.
By providing services to improve the quality of life of survivors of gender violence and racism, we strive to prevent violence in our communities. Arte Sana believes in the intrinsic healing power of art and culture. We believe that violence risk reduction programs and services must be culturally competent and linguistically appropriate. Arte Sana is committed to the value of indigenous leadership and collaboration sin fronteras (without borders).
How you can help
Arte Sana is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization supported by individual donors and government grants. Donations to this agency are tax deductible. Read here to find out why you should give to Arte Sana.

You may support Arte Sana and choose a "Gracias" appreciation gift.

Volunteer opportunities are also available.

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