Nuestras voces/Our Voices: Wise Latinas en la lucha



ALAS Leadership by the Numbers
ALAS aniversario arbol70 Latina victim advocates, survivors and allies have joined ALAS since its inception in 2004.

13 The number of state coalitions that have had ALAS members:
        • Florida Council Against Sexual Violence 
        • Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault
        • Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence
        • Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
        • New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault
        • North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
        • North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault
        • Oregon Coalition Against Sexual Assault
        • Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
        • Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
        • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance 
        • Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
        • Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault
4 The number of Arte Sana Nuestras Voces (our voices) national sexual assault bilingual conferences that ALAS members have actively participated in by providing theme development, planning, and bilingual workshop support.

7,985 The number of messages posted on the ALAS listserv since 2004; an average of 998 messages per year.

7 The number of position statements regarding sexual violence prevention, that ALAS members have collectively drafted and mobilized support for.

ALAS leadership has offered many key contributions to sexual violence awareness and prevention including:

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