From Urban Pimps to Backwoods Kidnappers (2002)

With the numerous cases of girl abductions covered by the national media in recent years a song released in September 2003, is particularly disturbing. While Rap music is often cited for its examples of misogynist themes the latest rock song release confirms once again that no particular genre has a monopoly on rape culture messages. “Eat You Alive,” released and described by Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst as “a backwoods approach to courting a woman” is the latest pop culture ‘gem’ to hit the airwaves.
The various messages of the song’s lyrics, that are dramatically reinforced by the music video include the following (among others):
For males:
* Women/girls are objects of desire and they can get aroused through force and violence.
* You are entitled to take by force what you want, even if it means kidnapping the female you desire and keeping her bound until you ‘convince’ her.
For females:
*Being kidnapped, bound, and taken into the woods, to be ‘serenaded’ to (with a bullhorn in your face) can be a turn on.
* If you 'give in,' you are bad. As an intentional part of the music video plot (according to Fred Durst) the kidnapped victim's father looks at her with disgust after he finds her, and discovers that she is apparently 'enjoying' the experience.
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