Arte Sana Launches Capacitadoras en Acción
(Trainers in Action)*
Capacitadoras en Acción (Trainers in Action) provides training to adult Latinas, promotoras, as well as other social service professionals, so that they may share information about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and local victim service programs within Latino communities. The “Acción” or "Action" part of Capacitadoras en Acción (Trainers in Action) focuses on enabling real change by training those who will be able to make a difference.
This project addresses the personal safety needs of Spanish-speaking immigrant Latinas from some of the poorest communities along the Texas/Mexico border. The project’s aim is for Latino border communities to become active participants and partners in promoting safety and awareness on gender-based violence issues. This project primarily serves the Texas-Mexico border.
Arte Sana commits to customize the training agenda and the schedule in accordance with agency specifications in order to meet their needs, and thus reach the training objectives of the project by raising awareness of the identified topics in the various border regions.

Our Training Experience

Arte Sana has presented at state, national, and international conferences and training events organized by: the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, as well as sexual assault coaltions from Connecticut, Washington, Mississippi, and Iowa. Arte Sana has also presented at the CDC National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference, the Color of Violence II Conference, the First National SART Training Conference, Casa Amiga in Juárez, and Alternativas Pacificas in Monterrey, Mexico.

Accessible scheduling

Arte Sana will offer a series of trainings along the Texas/Mexico border in collaboration with agency collaborators that will be identified throughout the project. Customized training schedules will be offered to meet each agency’s need.

Who can participate

Promotoras; rape crisis center advocates; domestic violence shelter advocates; social service outreach workers; substance abuse professionals; law enforcement; youth outreach workers; health care providers; curanderas; anyone who offers services to colonia residents.

Click here for a list of available training topics.


"Victim Advocacy Sin Fronteras: A Statewide Border Training Institute on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence"

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