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Why is Arte Sana offering product demonstration sessions for the Existe Ayuda project products?

The sessions are being offered to verify whether the content of both the products that were pilot-tested, as well as those that were not, is relevant and useful for sexual assault victim advocates and promotoras to use with Spanish-speaking communities across the nation. The original products were created for Latinas by Latinas, so specific recommendations from our target audience regarding the quality of the products is vital to the success of this project.

What exactly is done during a product demonstration session?

During the product demonstration attendees will be offered the content of various products through hardcopies and electronic presentations.   Attendees will then be asked to evaluate product content, messages, and language via individual evaluation forms, group consensus report forms, and group discussions, or any combination of these. In the spirit of preserving our environment, hardcopies will be minimized.

Will this be a creative session?

No, this will be more of a ‘fine-tuning' session in which recommendations for upgrading existing content and language will be considered.

Seventeen Latina victim advocates from across the nation with diverse Latin American cultural origins spent months developing the product content. Twenty-nine agencies across the nation collaborated to help pilot test the Existe Ayuda project products during conferences, agency meetings and local community gatherings.

The product demonstration sessions will offer an opportunity to share and discuss:

  • Audience considerations
  • Delivery issues
  • Possible teaching aids and activities for the facilitator guide
A word about language

This is a national project and since we are a very diverse community we need to maintain a balance between respect for regional dialect variances and the project goal to create documents that use a form of broadcast Spanish that can be understood by Spanish-speaking communities in every region of the nation.

The suggestions and recommendations received from various regions will be assessed to ensure that the final versions of the products are useful for advocates AND effective with Latino communities across the nation.

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