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"I Will Fly When Ready"

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Featured artist section is a space reserved by Arte Sana to honor those artists, who through their work, have drawn attention to gender violence and racism issues and have given voice to underserved survivors. We are proud to promote the efforts of these talented and dedicated individual(s) and group(s).

Our current featured artist:  

"Siempre Hay Esperanza"

Marta Sanchez

Statement from the artist:

“When I speak, I speak for survivors of sexual violence. I do not represent them, because it is virtually impossible to represent a silent, isolated community that rarely makes its voice heard. I speak for them, so that they will know that the violence they experienced was not their fault, and so they will know that they are not alone.”

Marta Sanchez, a self-taught visual artist and poet, was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. She is a sexual assault survivor, and her art is a means of breaking the silence and healing invisible wounds. In sharing her artwork, she aims to simultaneously raise awareness, empower survivors, and encourage advocates.

For Sanchez it is essential to engage the community in the struggle to end sexual violence. To accomplish this goal, she facilitates workshops using her artwork as a vehicle for social change. In her interactive presentations, she uses “The Angel Series” and other works of art to encourage audiences to think and talk about sexual assault in a ways that carefully avoid spreading fear, supporting rape myths, and misplacing blame. In working with gentle non-challenging forms of expression like poetry and art, the activist finds that the message easily transforms into one of hope for healing and strength, specifically the strength to break down the barriers preventing individuals from accessing support and reporting sexual assault.

Sanchez has had the opportunity to present her workshops in diverse settings in the United States and abroad. Most recently, in November of 2005 she was invited to present at the Arte Sana "Nuestras Voces / Our Voices: Empowerment and Healing in la Comunidad,” Conference in Austin, Texas, and in October of 2005 she had the opportunity to present at “Transgressing Gender, Two is not enough for gender (e)quality” Conference in Zagreb Croatia.

Sanchez, a former rape crisis center educator, is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and Spelman College. At the law school, she served as Assistant Director for the Rape Crisis Advocacy Project and as Associate Features Editor for the Virginia Law Weekly. Sanchez is currently a fulltime artist and activist based in New York City.

To view more of Marta Sanchez’ artwork, please visit www.poetryandart.org If you are interested in bringing Sanchez, her angels, and her message to your community please contact her directly at poetryandart@aol.com.

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