Featured artist section is a space reserved by Arte Sana to honor those artists, who through their work, have drawn attention to gender violence and racism issues and have given voice to underserved survivors. We are proud to promote the efforts of these talented and dedicated individual(s) and group(s). 

Sebastián Colón

Statement from the artist:

In a world full of abuse, oppression and injustice, poetry has been a space to heal, fight, and love. I write because through poetry, I find a healing tool.

I began to write when I was very young in order to release those overwhelming emotions from my chest. For years I used poetry as a means of escape and relief in the face of a violent and unjust reality, then it became a vehicle of hope. The words on paper became a form of release and healing…a place to put my emotions without feeling they would suffocate me.

For me, poetry is one of the multiple places from where to fight for social justice. When I share my work with the public, above all from a stage, for me it is like opening my heart in spite of the fears, pain, and despair. It is like opening my mouth and telling my truth. I share my work knowing that as it is my way of healing; it can be the same for others. When you are a queer, transgender, Latino, poor and colonized, you need to speak forcefully not only to survive but to change a bit from that absurd reality to that which confronts us daily, oppression.

I wrote With Death in My Eyes" thinking about my encounters with death and their significance. It was very difficult and intense for me to enter that world where I remembered specific images and passages of my life in which death, either literal or symbolic, was watching me. As always, after expressing it, after reading it for others, I felt better, I felt more in control of my emotions and less alone in this process to confront my violent past. After reading it I felt full of strength and energy.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my work and I invite those have not yet found the way to healing, not to lose hope, as art is a wonderful and transcendental alternative.

Thank you to Arte Sana for receiving my work with love and respect.


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