Edited by Melissa Farley, PhD
Clinical and Research Psychologist

Further Reading
Included is a suggested reading list including book and titles from periodicals.
Art as therapy in sexual abuse:
Bass, Ellen, ED. I Never Told Anyone: A Collection of Writings by Women Survivors of Sexual Child Abuse. New York: HarperCollins, 1993.
Brooke, Stephanie L. Art Therapy with Sexual Abuse Survivors Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas. 1997.
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People of Color:
Alleyne, Vanessa. There Were Times I Thought I Was Crazy: A Black Woman's Story of Incest. Toronto: Sister Vision Press, 1996.
Russell, Diana E. Behind Closed Doors in White South Africa: Incest Survivors Tell Their Stories.. New York: St. Martin's Press, Inc., 1997.
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Xinran. The Good Women of China. Chatto and Windus 14.99, pp244
Journal of Religion & Abuse
In-depth discussion of sexual and domestic violence in a religious context.

Sexual Assault Report Newsletter
Law Prevention Protection Enforcement Treatment Health
Frequency: 6x annually
Subscription: US $159.95
The leading resource for those protecting, assisting, counseling, and treating the victims of sexual assault... and for enforcement officials, prosecutors, judges, and corrections professionals.
Sexual Assault Report brings together ideas from experts in criminal and civil law, nursing and emergency medicine, law, nursing and emergency medicine, law enforcement, counseling and social services. Each issue examines health and forensic research programs and initiatives around the world, survivor support programs and therapies, innovative criminal and civil remedies, medical findings, therapeutic innovations, and more. 

Working Together
Quarterly newsletter of the Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence 
Rompiendo el Silencio: Manual de Entrenamiento Para Activistas, Consejeras, y Organizadoras Latinas
For domestic violence service providers and others focused on advancing the rights of battered immigrant women. This training manual provides essential details on how to start organizing and maintaining a group of activists and counselors. You may download the order form in pdf format here or visit the following website:


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