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Broken Boys / Mending Men
Blackburn Press
By Stephen D. Grubman-Black

Broken Boys/Mending Men awakens us to the realities of a grave situation: boys are the victims of sexual abuse. It is estimated that one in six males suffers some form of sexual abuse as a child or teenager. In most cases the victim knows and trusts the perpetrator - most often an adult or teenage male. Broken Boys/Mending Men provides a frank discussion of the issue, describing the consequences of male sexual abuse and the ways that victims can find help in healing the pain.

Candid first-person accounts illustrate issues commonly faced by males trying to deal with their early victimization - withdrawal, isolation, denial, the loss of security and self-esteem - and how society's traditional view of masculinity acts as a barrier to their recovery. Stephen Grubman-Black offers hope and encouragement to victims as well useful insights for parents, teachers and mental health professionals who want to know more about the effects and treatment of childhood sexual abuse.

Stephen D. Grubman-Black teaches in communications studies and in women's studies at the University of Rhode Island. He has offered workshops and trainings over the years for people affected personally and professionally by the traumas created by childhood sexual victimization.

I'm a mental health counselor in Miami, Florida and have been a fan of your work on adult male survivors of sexual abuse. I'm doing a presentation for my colleagues in June on the subject and plan on citing some information I read in your book Broken Boys/Mending Men. I can't tell you how much I learned from that book and how much it has helped my past clients.

Of all the books I have read on the subject this is by far the best one, it goes to the heart of the matter. I am 44 and this is the most helpful book on the market, that I have come across.

A very good book for all of us men who were sexually abused as children.

This book cleared up a lot of confusion for me. This book opened my eyes to my past that my mind had blocked out. I now understand why I have done and still do some of the things I don't want to do. I was able to see what I had lost and what was taken from me. Most of my life I was seeking an illusion now there is some reality in my life. I am not a freak; I was robbed of more than my innocence; I lost most of my life. Freedom is possible and I now know there is more hope than I ever thought there was. Buy the book and get free. I have even bought this book for some friends so they can see that they (we) are not alone in (our) their pain.
Women Make Movies celebrates 30th Anniversary at the Two Boots Theatre 's "Flesh & Bones" series, featuring the NY Premiere of THE ODDS OF RECOVERY by acclaimed filmmaker Su Friedrich
Women Make Movies is proud to announce the New York premiere of Su Friedrich's long awaited new film, THE ODDS OF RECOVERY, taking place Wednesday, October 23rd at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre (155 East 3rd Street at Avenue A). On hand to present her highly anticipated film, Friedrich will be available for Q&A following the screening. There will be a post-screening party celebrating the premiere at Pisces, across the street from Two Boots.

A film about six surgeries, one hormone problem, a fifteen-year relationship, and the onset of middle age, THE ODDS OF RECOVERY is both extraordinarily poignant and brilliantly funny. Friedrich cleverly weaves documentary and first person experimental filmmaking to explore the temporal pleasures of life, the realities of aging and the universal fear of death. Shot over a three year period, THE ODDS OF RECOVERY presents one individual's health challenges as a means to address a perennial human problem: the desire to avoid conflict and deny the need for radical change.

THE ODDS OF RECOVERY premiere is also part of The Pioneer Theatre's "Flesh and Bones" series (October 23rd-29th), which celebrates WMM's anniversary with screenings of films that explore the glorification, manipulation and wonder of the female form. Also included on the program is AMAZONIA by Nandini Sikand, A BODY NAMED SUE by Julie Wyman, FANTACOCA by Agnes Ndibi, and YOUR NAME IN CELLULITE by Gail Noonan.

For a complete screening schedule for THE ODDS OF RECOVERY and the "Flesh and Bones" series at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre, visit
http://www.twoboots.com/pioneer/. For sales and rental information, visit the Women Make Movies on-line catalogue and website at http://www.wmm.com/catalog/pages/c599.htm.

Established in 1972 to address the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in the media, Women Make Movies is the largest distributor of women's films and videos in the world. Women Make Movies is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. The yearlong series of events will celebrate the diversity, vitality, quality and breadth of creativity in WMM's catalogue of more than 500 films and videotapes. (
Facing Diversity
40 Minutes
25 Page Guide Included  

Responding to Violence Against Women from Diverse Cultures

Each year, millions of women immigrate to the United States and Canada who are victims of domestic violence in their former countries of residence, as well as their new homes in North America.

Facing Diversity helps to raise awareness of the issues and barriers faced by women from diverse cultures as they deal with the domestic violence in their lives. It illustrates specific, culturally-sensitive practices for police, prosecutors, and victim advocates in order to support and assist women to end the violence. Examples from Hispanic, East Asian and South Asian cultures are shown as women learn to obtain relief from violence, deal with the reality of their situation and navigate the justice and court systems. 

The video serves as an ideal training tool for staff and volunteers who work with a diverse population of victims of partner violence, and may also function as a beneficial community educational supplement about domestic abuse.

La Confianza Perdida
22 Minutes

La Confianza Perdida is a Spanish language videotape on date and aquaintance rape. The title, utilizing a double entendre on the word confianza, means both "loss of self confidence" and "loss of trust in another."

Designed to promote discussion, La Confianza Perdida combines dramatic reenactments with first person testimony from survivors of rape. Also interviewed are professionals in law, forensic medicine, social work, and political activism. Topics addressed include:

definitions of rape and sexual assault

special considerations faced by immigrant women

spousal rape

resisting sexual assault

medical and social services available to survivors of rape

treatment for sexually transmitted diseases

pros and cons of filing a police report

Escape The Prostitution Prevention Project Inc. 
57 minutes

A Minneapolis, Minnesota US based educational organization announces the release of  "A Patient Not Seen:  Prostitution, Coercion and Medical Awareness".  A 57 minute video presented by Jill Leighton, hosted by Steven E. Calvin M.D. Chair of the Human Rights in Medicine at the University of Minnesota.

The video is a comprehensive look at prostitution from a survivor's point of view as it relates to medical care.  The video is an excellent educational resource for health care providers, resource agencies and other organizations and individuals working with prostituted women.

Recovering From Traumatic Events: The Healing Process 
Gift From Within - A non-profit for PTSD Survivors and Caregivers

This educational video offers insight into the impact of different types of trauma including interpersonal violence and sexual assault, and provides first hand information on what may be helpful to survivors on their road to recovery. This film could be useful with interpersonal violence and sexual assault training events, community education events, as well as with support groups for secondary survivors and family members. 

Stories of Immigrant Survivors of Abuse: Remedies Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
Political Asylum Project of Austin (PAPA) - The Program Representing Immigrant Survivors of Abuse (PRISA)

The Program Representing Immigrant Survivors of Abuse (PRISA) of the Political Asylum Project of Austin (PAPA) created Stories of Immigrant Survivors of Abuse: Remedies under the Violence Against Women Act.  PRISA worked with Anne Lewis Productions to create a training video regarding the immigration remedies available to immigrant victims of domestic violence.  The video features three survivors telling their stories of their experiences with domestic violence and how the VAWA process helped them leave an abusive relationship. Through the testimony of immigrant survivors, VAWA trainings and interviews with immigration advocates, the video offers an overview of VAWA basic requirements and how advocates and law enforcement officials can assist immigrant victims of domestic violence.

To order copies of the video please send a check or money order made payable to: Political Asylum Project of Austin

Send to:

The Political Asylum Project of Austin
VAWA Video Project
314 E. Highland Mall Blvd. Ste. 501
Austin, Texas 78752

Please indicate the quantity and type of  video(s) you would like to purchase:
1 video in English $19
1 or more video in Spanish for $19 
2 or more videos for $15 each

For more information call: (512) 478-0546 ext. 213 or email LoraL@PAPAustin.org.


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