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International Women's Day Corazon 

Thank you! / Gracias!
for accompanying our
of Cyber-activism and
Victim Advocacy
SIN fronteras

(without borders)

See our 10 years of key accomplishments 

Arte Sana's 10-Year Training Cumulative = 9,334 

With only one trainer for eight years, no grant funding for 20 months (from September 2004 to May 2006) these figures were possible through ongoing community collaborations.


Arte Sana training cumulative

Cumulative of attendees visual in a pie graph  

Arte Sana's Outreach

Without an office or an operations budget, Arte Sana learned early on the power of online activism and collaborations. This map reflects Arte Sana's outreach through direct training, project content and testing partners, and the states represented by current and past ALAS members.

Arte Sana outreach map

ALAS logo


A sample of collective position statements & documents created online: 

(2004) "Eliminating Barriers to Services for Latina/o Survivors of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence"

(2006) "The Anti-Rape Movement without Latinas?"

(2007) Position Statement in Support of Latina Victim Advocates

(2009) "The Exploitation of Sexual Victimization for Political Agendas"

(2010) "Specific Actions for Victim Advocates to respond to SB 1070 in Arizona"

   "No to Bystander Silence: Victim Rights are Human Rights"

   National review of victim assistance websites for content in Spanish

   Binational Solidarity Statement  

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Arte Sana Needs your Support

Like many other 501(c)(3) non-profits we are struggling to survive. Arte Sana needs your support now more than ever in order to continue our work. No amount is too small!
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