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Existe Ayuda (Help Exists) Toolkit imageThe Existe Ayuda (Help Exists) Toolkit is now available for all who wish to eliminate access barriers for Spanish-speaking victims/survivors of sexual violence.


What is the Existe Ayuda Toolkit?  

The Existe Ayuda Toolkit includes replicable Spanish-language tools and resources to help improve the cultural competence of service providers and the accessibility of services for Spanish-speaking victims of sexual violence.  


Glossaries: Spanish terms related to sexual assault and trafficking.  


Presentations: PowerPoint slides used in presentations to promotoras (community health workers) and victim advocates.  


Tools: Victims' rights pocket card, sexual harassment handout, fact sheets on sexual assault, and scripts for public service announcements and outgoing answering machine messages.

Who developed the Existe Ayuda Toolkit?

The Existe Ayuda (Help Exists) project was funded through a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) within the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. With OVC funding Arte Sana was able to develop these products with the participation of over 641 Latina victim advocates and promotoras from 25 states, at various stages of the Existe Ayuda project.


Existe Ayuda Project Partners


A special thank you to our product demonstration partners who participated in all-day review sessions, that helped us fine tune the content and language of the products.


The following photos include some of las hermanas who participated in four out of the five regional product demonstration sessions held in 2009. In addition to the all-day product review work, attendees were given homework assignments to complete ahead of time. The quality of the Existe Ayuda Toolkit was greatly enhanced by all of the feedback we received. 


Existe Ayuda Tennessee Partners
The first Existe Ayuda product demonstration session was held in Tennessee on February 19, 2009 and the second session was held in Florida on June 27, 2009. A total of 49 bilingual victim advocates and allied professionals from Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia participated in these two sessions.

Existe Ayuda Partners from California
California: The Existe Ayuda product demonstration session was held in conjunction with the CalCASA conference on August 17, 2009.


Existe Ayuda Partners from Iowa
Iowa, 2009: The product demonstration session held in Iowa on September 24, 2009 had attendees from ASISTA, IowaCASA, and L.U.N.A, among others.
Existe Ayuda Partners from Texas
Texas: The last Existe Ayuda project all-day product demonstration session was held on November 2, 2009 in El Paso.
Mil gracias también a los cientos de personas no incluidas arriba que participaron en alguna etapa del proyecto. ¡Existe Ayuda representa un esfuerzo creativo colectivo!

A special thanks to the hundreds of persons not pictured above who participated at some phase of the project. Existe Ayuda represents a collective creative effort!
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All 12 products including a presentation on sexual assault issues with over 55 slides in Spanish are available for downloading on the OVC website.

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About the Rattle Image

The rattle image used in Existe Ayuda's design is an artistic rendering of the chicahuatzli stamp from ancient Mexico, which means rattle or rain stick in Nauhuatl, the language of the Aztecs. Rattles and other instruments were used in ceremonial dances, which at times included hundreds of dancers who moved in collective synchrony to promote the health and well-being of the community. The original image was painted by hand by Arte Sana Executive Director Laura Zárate and was later transformed into digital format by former Communications Coordinator Oralia Díaz. The Existe Ayuda Toolkit uses this image to honor the Latina/o cultural heritage and to symbolize the engaging purpose of these documents.
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