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Ten percent of sexual assault victims utilized any social service and only 3.3 percent utilized victim services.

On November 1, Dr. Carlos A. Cuevas, Principal Investigator, Northeastern University and Dr. Chiara Sabina, Co-Principal Investigator, Penn State Harrisburg will discuss "Victimization, Help-seeking, and Cultural Factors Among Latino Women: Results from the National SALAS Study."

Although the problem of interpersonal violence against Latino women has recently received increased focus it still accounts for a small percentage of the research focusing on violence and victimization, leaving gaps in the information needed to better serve the Latino community. Keeping this goal in mind, the Sexual Assault Among Latinas (SALAS) Study was developed and is one of the first national surveys focusing on the victimization of Latino women. The results of this study highlight some important issues including the prevalence of interpersonal victimization among Latino women, the likelihood of getting formal or informal help, the impact of victimization on psychological symptoms, and the role cultural factors play in the likelihood of being victimized or getting help. Based on their results, the presenters will discuss potential ways that services and outreach efforts can be improved for Latino women.
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"If pornography is increasingly cruel and degrading, why is it increasingly commonplace instead of more marginalized?"

–Robert Jensen
Getting Off: Pornography and
the End of Masculinity

On November 2, Dr. Robert Jensen, journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin and board member of the Third Coast Activist Resource Center, will offer a keynote presentation on "The Pornographic Mirror: Facing the Ugly Realities of Patriarchy and White Supremacy."

Many want to believe that modern pornography is harmless sexual fantasy. In fact, the images are relentlessly cruel and degrading to women and overtly racist. An honest evaluation of this increasingly mainstream industry is part of facing up to the ways in which contemporary U.S. culture is still deeply sexist and racist.

In this lecture, Robert Jensen will offer an analysis based on two decades of research on the industry, the images it produces, and men's use of pornography.
Dr. Jensen articles can be found online at:
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