Nuestras voces/Our Voices: Wise Latinas en la lucha

Nuestras Voces 2011


November 1-2, 2011,
South Padre Island, TX

A national gathering of Latin@ victim advocates, prevention specialist, survivors, and allies promoting the engagement of Latin@s as agents of change in addressing gender-based violence, celebrating our collective wisdom & leadership en los movimientos.

July, 2011

Arte Sana is seeking proposals that address our theme, and we invite you to share your knowledge, information, and expertise in any of the recommended areas of focus. We encourage Spanish language workshops as well and multiregional collaborative workshops.

Workshop Forms in English

Formulario de Taller en Español

Por favor, utilice el formulario en español para los talleres propuestos en español. In an effort to provide the best quality workshops, proposals for Spanish language workshops must be submitted in Spanish.


Based on Latina victim advocate recommendations and the great lack of training on these issues in Spanish, the 2011 Nuestras Voces Conference will offer a complete Spanish language track for bilingual victim advocates wanting to develop their Spanish-language outreach and professional training skills.  

We strongly encourage of both native and fluent Spanish-speaking trainers and direct service victim advocates who have implemented effective programs in Spanish, to submit workshop proposals.

Las propuestas para talleres en español
se deberían preparar en español.

In an effort to provide the best quality workshops, proposals for Spanish language workshops must be submitted in Spanish.


In an effort to promote the Latina voice of advocacy in the conference design, Arte Sana solicited input from a select group of Latinas who are actively engaged addressing access issues at the local, state, and/or national level. The following is a list of topics recommended by Latina victim advocates, trainers, and consultants, who are members of ALAS, Alianza Latina en Contra la Agresión Sexual (Latina alliance against sexual violence).

Nuestras Voces promotes greater participation of direct services staff with a wealth of hands on experience, through the following presentation options:

Workshop presentation
Panelist participation
Program showcase
Cultural performances

Learn about past Nuestras Voces conferences:
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Some Workshop Topics of Interest

  • Debunking religious myths that make Latinas stay in violent relationships
  • Addressing institutional racism and Latina tokenism in victim services
  • Labor rights and sexual harassment risk reduction of immigrant workers
  • Basic Social Media for Cyber advocacy
  • Promoting self-worth and self-care among Latina advocates
  • Addressing homophobia among Latino communities
  • The impact of incest/child sexual abuse on the Latino family
  • Addressing sexual trafficking and prostitution of Latinas and children
  • The impact of incest/child sexual abuse on the Latino family
  • How to use art in prevention interventions and healing
  • Intersection of Anti-Immigrant Ideologies and Sexual Assault
  • VAWA and other Federal Legislation-What Does it Really Mean for the Latin@ Community
  • The Sexual Assault Movement and Collaborations Across Color

Algunas sugerencias para los talleres en español

  • El abuso sexual en el trabajo (identificar víctimas y sobrevivientes de SA durante el proceso de una redada de inmigración)
  • Conozca sus derechos (plan de acción para enfrentarse a una redada de inmigración: antes, durante la redada, centro de detención)
  • El impacto del abuso sexual infantil y el incesto en la familia Latina
  • Las necesidades de las víctimas masculinas de la violencia sexual
  • Celebrando la diversidad Latina
  • El papel de l@s promotor@s para educar sobre la violencia sexual
  • El Machismo y el Marianismo en la violencia en contra las Latinas
  • Cómo usar los cuentos y los dichos para tratar la violencia en contra de la mujer

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