Nuestras voces/Our Voices: Wise Latinas en la lucha

Nuestras voces/Our Voices: Wise Latinas en la lucha


Nuestras Voces: Transformation and Collaboration en la Comunidad (2008)

Via traditional workshops as well as art-based presentations, Latina experts from around the country shared their experiences and voiced their opinions on collaboration and transformation in the community. The goals of this two-day capacity-building event included: eliminating victim service barriers and engaging our communities as active partners in prevention, risk reduction and advocacy efforts. The conference also aimed to improve outreach to marginalized Latina@ victims of sexual and intimate partner violence, and help build effective connections with Latin@ communities at large.

Nuestras Voces 2008 Program
Some of the themes that were addressed at the 2008 conference in San Antonio, TX were: Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Latino Community, Empowering Farmworker Women For Change: Fighting Back Against Sexual Assault in the Workplace, Harnessing The Healing Power of Art, Anti-Human Trafficking Programs & Collabrorations, and El proyecto Hombres Unidos Contra la Violencia Familiar.

Nuestras Voces / Our Voices: Empowerment and Healing in la Comunidad (2005)
On November 3 & 4, over 130 victim service professionals, community activists, trainers, artists and others came together in Austin for, "Nuestras Voces / Our Voices: Empowerment and Healing in la Comunidad.” The event, organized by Arte Sana (art heals) and hosted by St. Edward’s University, was a national capacity-building training aimed at addressing critical issues in the Latino community.


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