Day of the dead t-shirt

¡Gracias! Appreciation Gifts: the symbolism behind the original art

About the art

The unique t-shirt designs were originally hand painted by Arte Sana Founding Executive Director, Laura Zárate to help raise funds for Arte Sana's outreach efforts in Texas and nationally.

Original ‘LunaSol' Arte Sana 10th Anniversary T-shirt in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

The symbolism:
In Spanish ‘el sol' is a masculine noun and ‘la luna' is a feminine noun. The original LunaSol design honors Pre-Columbian concepts of gender duality and the fact that sexual violence affects all, regardless of gender or gender orientation. The design's slogan "Advocacy + Prevention Sin Fronteras" reaffirms that victim rights are human rights regardless of residency or residency status and that EVERYONE should be engaged as an agent of change in order to prevent sexual violence.

100% cotton t-shirt design is available in women's sizes only. The standard sizes are similar to those found in most retail clothing stores.

Día de Los Muertos / Day of the Dead gifts

The symbolism:
During rituals that honored the dead, Aztecs and other Meso-American civilizations used skulls to symbolize death and rebirth. For centuries skeletons and skulls, known as calacas have played an important symbolic role in Day of the Dead art and in altars, as brightly colored sugar skull ofrendas or offerings. Arte Sana’s sugar skull image is wearing a garland of flowers that includes teal and purple to represent sexual and intimate partner violence awareness. In honor of survivors of gender-based violence and victim rights activism, this one-of-a-kind sugar skull image wears a pre-Columbian stamp design that represents "movement" on its forehead.

The shirt includes a bilingual message: “Stop the Violence! ¡Basta ya de Violencia!”

Both shirts are currently only available in women’s and small children’s sizes.

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The Corazón Milagro pin

Honor someone special with this original design pin created by Arte Sana's founding Executive Director. Milagro is a Spanish word for miracle. In the traditional context milagros are small religious folk charms offered to a saint for the purpose of prayer for health and healing. A folk custom in parts of North, Central, and South America, the use of milagros can be traced to ancient communities in Spain. Milagros of the southwest come in many shapes, and they have a traditional and a literal meaning as they can symbolize the wearer's health needs and intentions. 

The Corazón Milagro pins include a hand-strewn teal ribbon made of out glass beads and any one of the following advocacy milagros: eyes, mouth, ear, hand, heart, legs, feet, male, female, key or moon. Each pin includes an informative card with a corresponding explanation of the symbolism of the milagro such as the following:

A Male & Female - so that we may work to empower all victims of gender-based violence.
An Eye - for the visionary spirit and the ability to detect unjust treatment of marginalized groups.

A Mouth - for speaking out against injustice; to promote healing and solidarity.

An Ear - for listening effectively to the needs of individuals and communities.

A Hand - for healing, helping, and promoting leadership.

A Key - for opening locked doors of sexism, misogyny, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and ageism.

Day of the Dead victim advocate's
tote bag

100% lightweight cotton canvas; self-fabric handles; 14"W x 15"H x 1"D.

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About Arte Sana
Founded in 2001, Arte Sana (art heals) is a national Latina-led nonprofit committed to ending sexual violence and other forms of gender-based aggressions and engage marginalized communities as agents of change. Arte Sana promotes awareness, healing, and empowerment through bilingual professional training, community education, and the arts.

Arte Sana is one of a handful of organizations in the nation that offers statewide and national training sessions in Spanish on
sexual assault issues.

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