Nuestras voces/Our Voices: Wise Latinas en la lucha

Nuestras voces/Our Voices: Wise Latinas en la lucha


Comments from 2008 Nuestras Voces Conference Attendees:

"Excellent training! It reminds you that change is possible and that SI SE PUEDE Y SE DEBE - Gracias!!"

"Most Conferences have 1-2 workshops on Latino issues. It is great to attend a diverse Latina conference which covers gender. Great workshops, location, food, everything. Good job!"

"It was a wonderful experience being arround so many empowered Latinas!"

"For me what has been the most powerful is the overlap of healing, art, social services."

"It is an honor to exist in the same time and space with other Latinas/Latinos. The energy is awesome. Dialog often is more within the safe space of Latinos united for a common cause."

Comments from 2005 Nuestras Voces Conference Attendees:

"Wonderful conference – in all the conferences I have attended in my 9 years in victim services this one made me feel positive, hopeful, supported – to believe 'yes we can.' Thank you!"

"This conference was the first time I ever heard the term 'comadre' – and I realize now I have had comadres in my life all along."

"Trabajo con personas latinas y aunque me encuentro lejos de la frontera, yo sigo encontrando los mismos problemas que se encuentran en todos los lugares."

"As an advocate who works directly with the Spanish speaking population, and particularly as a white woman, I was honored to participate and share in the movement for Latinas – I learned a lot about the women I serve and the difficulties Latina women I work with face in the work place."

"Esta conferencia da mucho poder para hacer el trabajo."

"It is important to be validated & empowered, educated on what Latinos are thinking, feeling, believing."

"Realmente quedé impresionada con el trabajo que hicieron, especialmente el hecho de poner programas en español, porque habemos algunas personas que aunque somos bilingües aun nos sentimos más cómodas en nuestro propio idioma. Me sentí otra vez como en CASA... esta conferencia me ayudó a sentir más confidencia."

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