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Praise and recognition for Arte Sana
  • In 2003 Arte Sana was recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) at the “Sexual Violence Prevention: Building Leadership and Commitment to Underserved Communities,” national satellite downlink for its efforts in working with traditionally underserved populations.
  • Arte has also been showcased by the Women's Human Rights net, an international network of women's human rights organizations that seeks the effective utilization of all available information and communication technologies toward the advancement of Women's human rights.
  • In 2004, Arte Sana Executive Director, Laura Zarate was presented with the "Award for Outstanding Effectiveness in Raising Awareness and Promoting Prevention of Sexual Violence" for her dedication in promoting bilingual resources and the impact of her work in sexual abuse prevention.
Comments and feedback
The following comments are examples of how Arte Sana – with your help – continues to heal hearts in our homes and neighborhoods.
Regarding our training and technical assistance:

The Missouri Coalition Against Sexual Assault is extremely grateful that an organization like Arte Sana is available to us as a valuable resource.  Director Laura Zarate recently came to Missouri to present her workshop 'Reaching La Familia:  A Diversity Within Diversity Focus.'  This workshop was extremely well-received; Missouri--like many other states--is experiencing an influx of Latino immigrants, and current information regarding Latino culture and working with Latino families was exactly what our advocates need.  We are already scheduling Ms. Zarate for a return appearance!  -- Penny Walls-Brooks, Executive Director, Missouri Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Es que ahora tendremos más información para nuestra comunidad Latina en Iowa.

It was great to have a guest speaker you can relate to, who looks like you and has had similar experiences. I also liked the interactive games/training – makes you think more. -- comments from participants in a Capacitadoras en Acci ó n training held in Iowa

Esta ciudad es conocida mundialmente por los crímenes de mujeres, pero existe esa otra violencia que destruye la vida de quienes sufren incesto, violación, o violencia doméstica… el que Arte Sana imparta capacitación en español, nos ha enseñado muchísimo y hemos podido apoyar a las victimas con profesionalismo y profundo conocimiento en la problemática de la violencia. -- Esther Chávez Cano, Directora, Casa Amiga, Juárez, México

Regarding our website:
Thank you, thank you for your website! You are providing a deeply needed forum for everyone who has either experienced violence or who knows people who have. I, too, believe that art comes from the innermost reaches of who we are, and it is from this inner sanctuary that the source of our healing comes. So often, our experiences transcend our daily language, and the arts allow us to open up those spaces hidden behind the curtain of the cotidiano.

Thank you, especially, for focusing the site on the Latino community, both in the US and in Latin America. You are building a wonderful bridge. I have emailed your announcement to everyone on my mailing list. --
K.T., Arizona

We are currently updating our website and would like permission to link your site. Your work is outstanding. It is amazing you all have done this with little funding. That won't be for long, I'm sure. -- E.P, Minnestoa

Thanks for the wonderful information I will be using the web site to help others in the
community. Thanks again for this wonderful Arte Sana. --
Jesus, Texas
Beautifully done web site! Congratulations! -- T.B., California
Regarding the survivor art exhibits:
As the director of a non profit for survivors I wanted you to know that the art show is deeply touching. Congratulations to the survivor artists who have touched my heart. -- Joyce, Gift From Within
Although not all sex offenders ‘get it’ and develop victim empathy, the majority of the offenders in our program have had a very positive experience in attending your exhibit, some for the second year. We appreciate the work you're doing and the contributions
by the artists and hope we can make this exhibit (and others) a yearly event and part of their treatment program to assist sex offenders in developing and understanding victim empathy and the impact sexual violence (and violence in general) has on victims and the community. --
Diana Garza Louis, LPC, LMFT, RSOTP , Rio Grande Counseling Center, Austin, Texas
I began this project as an advocate (counselor) with years of experience in helping others with their pain. I ended the project a survivor of my own abuse. I had chosen to forget or had somehow hidden away my abuse and not looked at it for all of these years. I had convinced myself that it was a cultural difference, a natural and normal adjustment that all married couples face. I had originally made a very safe heart, one that showed my role as “helper/healer.” It was not until I had really looked at that heart that I finally ripped away all of my protective coverings and put my own raw emotions out on the table along with the glue and the pencils and papers and the other materials that I had collected to work on the project. I ripped everything off from that original piece and began a new project – my own role as a survivor. The things he did, he says he did in the name of love, I say, ya right…when you love someone you respect hem enough to listen when they say no! -- excerpt from a 2002 Corazón Lastimado entry

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