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June 1, 2006
Arte Sana debuts new resource for outreach to the Latino community
AUSTIN, Texas – In June 2005, Arte Sana announced the debut of "La Víctima y la Sobreviviente: A Latina Sexual Assault Victim Advocate's Toolkit." This valuable new toolkit contained both original information created by Arte Sana as well as translations of existing data. The material is organized into ready-to-use formats including five PowerPoint presentations that may be used with an LCD projector or as transparencies. This unique resource was created for bilingual victim advocates, to promote healthy Latin@ communities, enhance sexual violence prevention efforts, and build awareness about victim rights. Over 120 copies of this CD were sold and distributed to rape crisis centers and state sexual assault coalitions across the nation. Among the topics included:

Presentations and supporting documents:

* Facilitator's Guide to Accompany Presentations
* Presentation: La Violación: antecedentes históricos y la capacidad disminuida
Presentation: La Violación: Los derechos de la sobreviviente y las víctimas secundarias
Presentation: La Violación: El trauma y la recuperación
Presentation: Chequeo de la realidad: mitos y realidades sobre la violación
* Presentation: Eliminating Barriers to Services for Latina/o Survivors of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence: From Position Statement to Practice

Handouts and presenter documents:

* Handout: Las citas seguras: recomendaciones prácticas para reducir el riesgo de la violación
* Handout: Safe dating: practical recommendations for reducing the risk of rape
* Handout: Mensajes Tóxicos/Toxic Messages (discussion sheet on dichos and assumptions regarding
Latina sexuality)
* Flyer: La Víctima Nunca Es Culpable
* Eliminating Barriers to Services for Latina/o Survivors of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence
A few testimonials:
“Arte Sana has developed some incredible materials for this CD, and they will be very useful to Latina advocates, particularly those who are just starting to do outreach as they will not have to develop the work themselves but can customize it for their audience.”
-- Jessica Coloma, Former Program Manager, Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

“This CD is a unique and much needed resource. After years of experience reaching out to the Latino community, Arte Sana is sharing their nationally recognized approach in a format that other victim advocates will appreciate. The power of art to heal and educate is confirmed by the wonderful Loteria images that accompany this CD. Arte Sana has mastered the art of reaching audiences with sensitivity, to  provide both moving and culturally appropriate information. Now, with "La Víctima y la Sobreviviente: A Latina Sexual Assault Victim Advocate's Toolkit," their effective method is accessible to others.” -- Marta L. Sanchez, Artist ~ Activist ~ Poet
"I wholeheartedly recommend this tool for anyone beginning to work with Latino communities. Its been developed by Arte Sana, who are uniquely skilled to address the complex issues of sexual assault in these communities."
-- Olga Trujillo,
Activist and Consultant
"Arte Sana's "La Víctima y la Sobreviviente" tool kit met all my expectations. It is well developed and has useful information in both Spanish and English which allows me to do outreach and education to my colleagues and other professionals as well. We will use some of the handouts for the first time at several Hispanic oriented health fairs... I enjoy the “hoja de datos” y handouts with artwork the most. I think they are very effective without scaring people away with too much text. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when Arte Sana already have these great materials available." -- Aline Jesus Rafi, M.A., Director of Outreach and Prevention, GA

"Sexual violence is a difficult subject to talk about, and it is always much harder when reaching out to other communities. However sexual violence does not discriminate and those of us doing this work have a responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to the correct information. Arte Sana's La Víctima y la Sobreviviente: A Latina Sexual Assault Victim Advocate's Toolkit helps us do exactly that. There are no more excuses for not providing our services to the Spanish speaking communities across the nation. This new resource is definitely the foundation for the development of a Latina services component at any agency. I fully recommend that every state coalition purchase this CD toolkit." -- Alva Moreno, Executive Director, East Los Angeles Women's Center, CA
About the “Loteria” artwork
In keeping with Arte Sana's respect for the power of art and healing, Arte Sana's Laura Zárate created new Mexican Lotería-type icons to address sexual violence. These images, used to question assumptions and to highlight the information contained within this toolkit, include: “la víctima” (the victim), “el violador” (the rapist), and “la sobreviviente” (the survivor).

About Arte Sana

Arte Sana (art heals) is a nationwide organization dedicated to helping underserved survivors of racial and gender-based violence. As a 501(c)3 non-profit group based in Austin, TX, Arte Sana promotes healing and empowerment through the arts and community education. Founded in 2001, Arte Sana believes that violence risk reduction programs and services must be culturally competent and linguistically appropriate and are committed to the value of indigenous leadership and collaboration sin fronteras (without borders).


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