The Trafficking of Mexican Women and Children
  • Mexico is both a country of origin and destination in the trafficking of women and children, as one of the stopovers for the five largest human trafficking routes in the world. In 1997, Mexico was listed as is one of the favored destinations of pedophile sex tourists from Europe and the United States. The United Nations also listed Mexico as the number one center for the supply of young children to North America. The majority are sent to international pedophile organizations. Most of the children over 12 end up as prostitutes. (Source: "Global law to punish sex tourists sought by Britain and EU," The Indian Express, 21 November 1997)
  • Over 16,000 girls in Mexico are sexually exploited through networks involving immigrants, military personnel, police, governmental officials, and businessmen. (Source: Infancia Robada (Stolen Childhood) (2001) Azaola, E., DIF, UNICEF- CIESAS)
  • It is estimated that over four thousand boys and girls under the age of 18 are involved in prostitution in Juárez, Mexico alone. The areas where these youth are prostituted include 350 bars, discotheques, clubs, lounges, as well as 27 massage parlors, 80% of which are located in downtown Juárez. (Source: Infancia Robada (Stolen Childhood) (2001) Azaola, E., DIF, UNICEF- CIESAS)
  • The biggest danger is along the Mexican-U.S. border, where unemployment is high and thousands of U.S. citizens cross into Mexico daily in search of cheap
    sex with minors.
    (Source: Johns Hopkins University Human Trafficking Report, “MEXICO-CRIME MEXICO AND JAPAN HAVE LARGEST PEOPLE-TRAFFICKING RINGS” BBC Monitoring International Reports)
In Texas

The year 2003 proved to be a deadly one for persons trafficked from Mexico to Texas with some tragic high profile cases covered by the media. Among the less covered stories were those involving sexual trafficking including:
  • A woman was accused of smuggling teenage girls from Mexico into Austin, where police said she forced them into prostitution at a North Austin duplex. (Source: “Prostitution Ring Broken, Police Say” By Monica Polanco, The Austin American-Statesman, June 20, 2003)
  • Four Rio Grande men were indicted on charges that they extorted, enslaved, and raped illegal immigrants they had promised to smuggle to Houston.
    (Source: “Men charged with abusing immigrants” Associated Press, The Austin American-Statesman, August 1, 2003)
  • Another trafficking case that was reported the month of July in Austin, TX involved three men who were detained for holding up to 29 smuggled persons in a house, among them a woman from Honduras. The men were identified as “enforcers” those in a smuggling ring who hold people captive until relatives or friends pay the smuggling fee. It is not uncommon for women in these ‘holding’ houses to be sexually assaulted or forced into prostitution in order to ‘pay’ for their freedom. (Source: “3 held in Austin smuggling case” By Melissa Ludwig, The Austin American-Statesman, July 20, 2003)

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