Critical victim assistance information missing for LEP victims of rape, sex trafficking, and intimate partner violence.

A summary of content found on 497 active victim assistance websites reviewed from June – August 2010.

Solidarity Statement on behalf of la madre de Rubí and victim advocates on both sides of la frontera.

Olivia Donaji-De Pablo
Sin Fronteras: Community Empowerment Award

Rosabel Cantu
Comadre en la Lucha - Latina Leadership Award

Consul General Carlos Felix Corona
Lucha - Social Change Award

Shamecca Bryant
Pagina Web: Bilingual Web Access Award

Verónica Hernández
Artista Activista Award

The Arte Sana National Conference
took place November 1-2, 2010 in Texas

Over 100 Latin@ victim advocates, prevention specialists, survivors, and allies gathered in Irving, TX to promote the engagement of Latin@s as agents of change in addressing gender-based violence, celebrating our collective wisdom and leadership en los movimientos.

Workshop & Keynote Summaries
Why a Latin@-focused Conference?

Official ALAS Statement Regarding SB 1070 in Arizona

Action Steps for Victim Advocates

Existe Ayuda National Outreach Project

Arte SANA y Cultura CURA
Art heals and culture cures

An ongoing review of popular culture with violence prevention potential. This section includes survivor and activist art exhibits, poetry, empowering songs, and suggestions on how to use lyrics in outreach work.

• Virtual gallery/galería
• Bandana Project
• Corazón Lastimado
• Canto y Poesía
• Pop Culture
• Empowering Songs

Victim Advocacy and Prevention Sin Fronteras

As a Latina-led training and advocacy non-profit based in Texas, Arte Sana has sought to empower the participation of Latinas and Latinos in the prevention of violence against women, especially along the Texas-Mexico border. Arte Sana has been recognized both within the U.S. and Mexico for its efforts.
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Sexual Assault Survivor Resources in Spanish

Due to the many requests for service information from Latina survivors, in 2003 Arte Sana compiled a list of sexual assault victim services available in Spanish across the nation. The aim was to create a simple information access route for Spanish-speaking victims of sexual assault.


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Arte Sana In Action
Arte Sana's victim advocacy, outreach, and prevention work have been made possible through ongoing collaborations with advocates across the U.S. and Latin America.
Arte Sana's presentations and training sessions since 2001.

Noti-Sana News

A Summary of Arte Sana collaborations & events:

2010 End of Year Summary
by the Numbers

April - June 2010

Corazón Lastimado:
Healing the
Wounded Heart

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