Putting the Pieces Back Together Tears of My Heart Raise Awareness Hope 
 Half of My Heart Violation How Life Changes Inner Beauty 
 Turning Point Tears of Pain 
 Pain In the Future Alone In The Forest Feelings Bad and Good 
 Ilusión Maldición Bendita - Blessed Curse Legacy of Illness We Were Your Daughters 
 Home Hands That Touch the Heart Piecing My Life Back Together Trapped. Unheard. 
 Nobody Can Make You Feel Inferior The Weight She Carries  Heart on the Mend Ahora Estoy Bien 
 Today  Home Sweet Home Noche Cenicienta 
 Sin Tristeza Healing Heart Heart and Soul 
 The Power to Heal! Hard Times What I Have Learned Over... Pudores Profanados 
 Flores de lo Obscuro Rearmar Creo Fénix 
 Cuando el Clero te Lastima y el Santo te Ayuda Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light Clergy Abuse Corazón Inteligente 
 Love Doesn't Hurt  The Young Girl Unknown Blue 
 The Carpenter's Heart To All Untitled Untitled 
 Untitled Constantly Mending Free To Be A Woman Amor o Pasión 
 Heart by Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault Washington Coalition Against Sexual Assault Programs Heart by Washington Coalition Against Sexual Assault Programs Ni Una Mas! 
 Yo Te Quiero, Ya Right       

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