Corazón Lastimado:
Healing the Wounded Heart 2002

Putting the Pieces Back Together - I Am Cared For From Within

Artist: Renée M. Martinez, Survivor

Perpetrator/abuser: babysitter
Age at time of abuse: 2.5 years

Message: Our lives are influenced but not determined by these events. Slowly but surely we can put the pieces back together feel whole - partly by remember that we are cared for from within...always. I paint but also carve (in wood and other media). And I saw this image in the wood chips that had been randomly glued together to make this board, from which the heart was cut. perhaps it's from having a 4 month old son, but I think I saw it more as an image of self-nurturing. Perhaps too, in the act of loving and caring, we heal parts of our wounded selves. The love of mother and child is both an image and reminder of the healing grace of the universe in a sometimes painful and brutal world.

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