Corazón Lastimado:
Healing the Wounded Heart 2002

Maldición Bendita - Blessed Curse

Artist: MC, Survivor

Age at time of abuse: 16-25 years
Perpetrator/abuser: ex-husband

Message: I was sexually addicted to my abuser. During a period of clarity I was able to leave him – this was 16 years ago. Since then I cannot feel physical pleasure with another human being. I though I had been curses for taking sex, which is God given, to such a dark place. But through recovery I see this “curse” as a blessing, for it has given me the ability to see men with clear eyes, since I am no longer clouded by the high of sex, as I knew it. For now, this “curse” is my protection and until I fully recover and I am able to fully trust my intuition in matters of men and romance, it keeps me safe, it keeps me here – alive and dancing!


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