Corazón Lastimado:
Healing the Wounded Heart 2002

The Things I've Learned Over...

Artist: Charlotte Pietsch, Survivor & Community Outreach Specialist - Family Crisis Center

Gender: female
Age at time of abuse: 20 years
Perpetrator/abuser: two strangers

Message: I was at the hospital to coach my best friend while in labor. A new mother myself, I was very excited for her. I left the labor room to go outside to my car to get a camera. Once outside, only a few feet from the emergency room door, I was approached by two African-American males. I was kidnapped at gun point and put into a car that was parked only feet from me alongside the curb.

The next 5 hours I was beaten and raped. I dared not close my eyes, I needed to see my future. I needed to validate that what was happening was real.

When they let me go, I was released alongside of Interstate 46, with nothing but my shirt.

I ran through a field, littered with tires and broken bottles. I saw a gas station and started for it. Before I reached the gas station, a wrecker driver stopped.

The driver got out of his truck and retrieved a blanket from his tool box. He gave me the blanket. He called for help on his CB radio. An ambulance soon came and I was taken back to the hospital I had been kidnapped from. No one had looked for me.

I never knew the wrecker driver's name, I only know he was old enough that he could of been my father. I have thanked God many times for that wrecker driver.

I have endured many things in my life. I have survived. And I have learned many things over.


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