Corazσn Lastimado:
Healing the Wounded Heart 2002

Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault

Artist(s): Sexual Assault Women of Color National Leadership Project Steering Committee (SAWOC), Advocate entry

Message: This work is the result of a collective art project that took place in Los Angeles during a national leadership training of the Sexual Assault Women of Color leadership project. The aim of SAWOC is to promote the leadership and active participation, and to offer support to women of color in the sexual assault state coalitions.

Artist: Monika Johnson Hostler
Executive Director,
North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Message: My heart is a representation of me and my ancestors. My heritage is represented by three colors that have meaning. Fabric is a representation of how our families are interwoven and overlapping. Both the colors and fabric indicate the three important colors:

red - blood of...
black - the people...
green - from the mother land.
Title: Blood & Strength
Artist: Luz Marquez
Director of Outreach,
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Message: My heart symbolizes the blood loss and the strength gained as a result of a rape. Ironically, my heart is small, depicting a small child. The red spots with the bars symbolize a prison, caught in pain. Finally, the purple side depicts strength with the word "poder" and free. We do survive!
Artist: Levette Kelly
Special Projects Coordinator,
Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Message: My heart represents a very important component in the healing process. "LOVE" yourself as well as others. Forgive yourself as well as others and begin to heal and let go. Because of my personal relationship with GOD, I know your heart will LOVE as GOD loves you so your anchor will stand strong.
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————Title: Conspiracy and Survivor
Artist: Clara Galvαn Lindstrom
Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Message: Yellow represents my happiness and green stands for all growing things I saw when I took my first ride to a woodsy area - Big Bear Lake. The red is the blood that was spilled when I was opened and the tears that I shed as I wept with fear. The black is the darkness that followed when I kept the pain and secret close to my heart - I was 15.
Artist: Willi Dolphus, Lakota
Cheyenne River Lakota Nation
Co-Director, South Dakota Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Message: Indigenous women are sexually assaulted at a higher rate than any other race of women.

The highest percentage of perpetrators against Indigenous women, are men not of their own race. This heart was made to honor and remember my sisters who have been assaulted, and whose lives will forever be changed as a result. We are all related.
Artist: Rosa Arrastia
Director, Llαmanos y Hablemos Hotline, Massachusetts
Message: This is where I escape to when it gets to be too much, to "Mi Isla del Encanto" that cradles my heart.
Artist: Emily Chen
Diversity Outreach Program Coordinator,
Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Message: The red and black of my heart represent my politics, the green represent my ethnicity, and the pyramid and the barbed wire and the small rope represent my subculture. Together, it makes up who I am.
Artist: Laura Zαrate
Co-founder, Arte Sana, Texas
Message: El sol y la luna (the sun and the moon) are Latin@ symbols of male and female. Despite the rapid growth of this population in the United States, most Latinas continue to be silent victims of sexual assault and many Latinos are invisible victims, due to institutional racism and cultural taboos. RESPETO (respect) for our culture, our diversity, and our language is what we require in order to be treated


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