Corazón Lastimado:
Healing the Wounded Heart 2002

Yo Te Quiero, Ya Right

Artist: Skye (Cielo), Survivor & Advocate


Gender: female

Age at time of abuse: 19 years

Perpetrator/abuser: husband


Message: I began this project as an advocate (counselor) with years of experience in helping others with their pain. I ended the project a survivor of my own abuse. I had chosen to forget or had somehow hidden away my abuse and not looked at it for all of these years. I had convinced myself that it was a cultural difference, a natural and normal adjustment that all married couples face. I had originally made a very safe heart, one that showed my role as “helper/healer.” It was not until I had really looked at that heart that I finally ripped away all of my protective coverings and put my own raw emotions out on the table along with the glue and the pencils and papers and the other materials that I had collected to work on the project. I ripped everything off from that original piece and began a new project – my own role as a survivor. The things he did, he says he did in the name of love, I say, ya right…when you love someone you respect hem enough to listen when they say no!


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