Ellas Fear: Mirror Image Cry-onic Conquistadora Corazón Desolado 
 Embracing the Soul Don't Abuse Me, Love Me My Soul Has Survived Corazón Reconstruido 
 The Past vs My Future Untitled 
 Observance Volver A Renacer Unknown Corazón Destrozado 
 Aqui tambien ha habido abuso del clero Our Struggle - Our Hope Sunshine-Darkness The Swiss Cheese Heart 
 Throw Me A Rope Purple Heart Untitled Untitled 
 Untitled Untitled Untitled Shattered Lives 

 Untitled Corazón Triste y Lastimado La Sirena My Abuser My Enemy; My Recovery My Dream 
 We Will Survive Hope Corazón Deprimido Grace Happens 

 Corazón Quebrantado Secret Garden - Uncertain Spring Shattered Heart, Shattered Dreams For Silent Sons  
 Seeds of Awareness CARe Corazón Lastimado Untitled 
 Your Beating Heart Find Yourself, Heal Yourself Untitled Untitled 
 "NOW"  Never Forget. Trapped Broken Heart 
 Support Re Connect The Life of My Vagina Women Should Be Held Not Hurt 
 Untitled Survivor Untitled Love Heals 
 Untitled My Experience As A Female In America Untitled It's This Simple 
 Broken All My Relations     

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