Name of artist: Dolores Zapata Murff, Survivor
Gender: female
Age at time of abuse: 45 years old
Perpetrator/abuser: new acquaintance
Message: Same sex rape does occur.
“She Be Me”
by Dolores Zapata Murff
A child of the universe who worships the wind, the stars and gathers strength by the full moon. The Serpent snake is her protector, SHE fears it not…for long ago before Eve, the serpent was revered and honored.
Gifted in so many ways. The gift of discernment, seeing dancing lights and auras of those around her. Knowing, sensing danger with plenty of time to flee. Basking in the warmth of love and goodness, too.
Going back to the earth, from her gathering up clay, creating beautiful sculptures of feminine forms in all their complex beauty.
Story telling in the old indigenous tradition around a group a wy’mn under the full moon.
Not all has been good for SHE has been beaten from the earliest of her time. Told time and time again, “you are no good, and You will never be worth shit.” Vile words and hurtful hands have wounded SHE. Violated, innocence robbed, terrorized was SHE at an early age.
Learned to trust again with time, only to be RAPED again, not that long ago, only this time even worse, this time it was another SHE, who committed the unreported, unspoken crime.
Worse because the RAPIST was her new friend, a confidant, betrayed in the worst possible way, by a sistah, nightmares still visit at times..upset SHE is because She knew, and sensed the danger..Saw the dark aura and DID NOT LISTEN..wanted so badly to be loved.
SHE has not given up SHE sculpts, SHE paints, SHE writes her truths, and sometimes when SHE can’t stand the pain…SHE cries..

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