Sunshine - Darkness

Name of artist: Barbara Caudillo-Prince, Survivor
Gender: female
Age at time of abuse: 3-16 years old
Perpetrator/abuser: step-father
Message: A baby of about three years old is abused, her childhood is shocked from her body. When a child is sexually molested, her alma (soul) is ripped out. Grown men look at you and want to touch you, any touch is bad, bad touch, never touch!
Toys have no meaning, no joy, no pleasure. You get older, you long for love, but you don’t know what that is. You weren’t raised to show love, love is just a hollow word.
So you learn, trial and error. Any attention, beating or abuse is still some attention. You suffer, you get scars, leather skin, you get tough, you stop smiling, you settle.
Then when you’re at the bottom, you meet someone that loves you. Even though your broken, bitter, and used up. They teach you and you teach them. You grow with true love, with all your alma. Forever together.

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