Created by nineteen women and five girls collectively identified as "The Queens of the Universe in Cognito." These women and girls, through remaining anonymous, served as the emotional backbone for the nine survivors.

A Dress Speaks

Opening Closed Doors
A Dress Speaks is a vision of strength for women who have experienced intimate violence. The exhibition is a way of taking staggering statistics and turning them into a powerful visual statement. Each dress, created under artistic and therapeutic supervision, tells the symbolic story of nine women's search for expression.

A Dress Speaks was first exhibited in August 1999 at Gallery Lombardi, Austin, Texas. This exhibition was able to touch the lives of 400 viewers. With generous support from the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we were able to share the stories with 600 therapist, police officers and rape crisis counselors during the first national conference on sexual assault prevention. Our most recent tour took us to Grayson County College, outside of Sherman, Texas. Under the support of the college and the Texoma Council of Governments another 150 viewers were touched by these works.


In Our Silence

 Victoria's Secret For Someone Special 
 Force of the Unnatural  Pushin' Up Daisies The Tornado 





About Opening Closed  Doors

Opening Closed Doors provides artists from all disciplines with opportunities to address social issues impacting the lives of women and girls. Our teen mother program, "woMAn MAde," allows these participants to explore their lives through photographic, sculptural and poetic means. Through the "Self Contained" workshop series, we give young adults on probation an opportunity to exhibit their work professional in gallery sites throughout the city.


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