By candle light

Poet: Rus Ervin Funk

These candles we do light
to show our commitment to continue the fight
to ensure you will always have the right
to be free from the fear of men's violence.
It was on a night just as this
a gunshot shattered your marital bliss
killed by the man who shared your first kiss
yet another victim of men's violence.
There are others too whose lives ended thus
men who they loved who shattered their trust
they lost their dominion so their love was a bust
one more perp of men's violence.
Another death another shedding of tears
remembering the killings all through the years
we stare our promise through the cheers and the jeers
to put a stop to men's violence.
Women and children and men are all killed
the promise of life not allowed to be filled
a travesty of justice that must be revealed
all different forms of men's violence.
So together we stand to shoulder our trust
ending men's violence is nothing less than a must
from the breaking of dawn to the last rays of dust
we WILL put and end to men's violence.
1998 Rus Ervin Funk

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