Chanel N˚5

Poet: Sloane Burke 

We dreamed of a beautiful place, far far away
With snow capped mountains & fragrant air –
Maybe Tibet.
It is 1979, I am 9 – we laugh and make
fake snow. For the fragrant Tibetan mountains
we sprayed Chanel N˚5 around
the living room floor – playing and laughing –
we were free – far away from the
stress – we were real kids for once
Slam – here you are.
“Is that Chanel N˚5 I smell!”
“My Chanel N˚5?!”
You are mad – I am scared. SLAM!
You are in your room. I am not safe.
You may ignore me for a week again – no dinner, no food.
The pain as you pulled me by my hair
From the comfort of my own bed –
All the way to the kitchen.
It wasn’t enough for me to wash the dishes at 2:00 AM.
I am cold as cold water is thrown all over my body.
My head hurts – I am missing hair.
My body caves from the impact of the broom stick as it blows into my legs,
arms and back. “How dare you?” she says.
I cry. I am sorry.
How dare I – over Chanel N˚5.
As I cry myself to sleep it is daybreak… I dream,
dream of a place…a far away place…maybe Tibet.

2003 Sloane Burke

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