Spittin Nails

Poet: Rus Funk


I'm so angry
I could just spit nails
That's what momma used to say
I never quite understood what she meant til today
And now I realize there really is no other way
for me to say
To say how angry I am
I'm so angry
I could just spit nails
I want to see him hurt
I want to hurt him
to hear him cry out in pain
to see the fear and pain in his eyes
to see...and feel his blood on my hands
I want him to pay
I'm so angry
I could just spit nails
But I'm here with you right now
here with you my sister, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, daughter, mother, son, friend, aunt, roommate, study pal, neighbor, my child's baby sitter...
how is my being angry at him
support you?
how is focusing on him
helping you out?
I'm so sorry and sad and scared and frustrated and disappointed and ashamed and confused and...
I'm so angry
I could just spit nails
I'm mad at you for not telling me what happened
I'm mad at me for now being the kind of man who you thought you could tell when it happened
Folk say "man is supposed to protect 'his woman'"
did I fail you?
am I failing you now?
I want to hold you

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