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Lady Marmalade, 2002
Jodi Rodgers, Florida

Prayer for New Mexico, 2004
Jodi Rodgers, Florida

Untitled Triptych 1
Christina Marie, New York

The human heart and spirit are two of the most resilient things in the world. Their power to heal and survive is amazing.

Love Should Not Hurt, 2005
M.J.L, Texas

A Journey, 2005
Michele Brower, Texas

On the other side of shadow is the light. Believe in yourself. Believe you can heal. Break the silence. I did today.

Quite A Pear, 1999
Jodi Rodgers, Florida

Untitled, 2002
Ashley, Texas

Untitled Triptych 2
Christina Marie, New York

She's Thinking of Disappearing, 2005
Bess Green, Texas

As an advocate, the thing I struggle with most is the way the community fails to believe and support those who have the courage to speak up. This piece is in large part about a child who told (twice) and is still being made to have contact with the offender.

Pieces of the Whole, 2005
L. Alisha Myers Doughty, Texas

Sexual abuse and assault breaks a heart and shatters people's worlds.

Pueblo Skyscraper, 2004
Jodi Rodgers, Florida

Christina Marie, New York

Untitled Triptych 3
Christina Marie, New York

Untitled, 2005
Jenny, Texas

The mind, body and/or spirit can be broken from life experiences. Through art and talking, healing can transform a wounded heart.

Offerings of Hope, 2005
Kristin Hensley, Texas

This is an offering of hope for those who navigate the complicated maze and inward spirals brought on by a sexual assault victimization.

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