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"The mind, body and/or spirit can be broken from life experiences. Through art and talking healing can transform a wounded heart.

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(Austin, TX, 2005) -- For Sexual Assault Awareness Month this year, Arte Sana invited artists and cultural activists to raise awareness through art on the impact of sexual violence in our communities.

Art and music can change a person's perception of their world as well as their attitude, emotional state, and pain perception. They can create hope, a positive outlook, and can help people cope with difficulties. But even in its most public form, its true audience is an audience of one, and its true function is to inspire, absorb and reflect deep emotions. As such, Arte Sana is seeking to use the collected art to educate and generate greater awareness about the issues relating to sexual violence and its impact in the lives of so many.

This call was open to all artists working in any medium including but not limited to: drawing, painting, prints, photographs, decoupage, collages and small sculptures.

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Jodi Rodgers

Arte Sana allows artists to include as little or as much as they wish regarding their personal identity and the inspiration of their work. The emotional and physical safety of the survivor will always remain our first priority.

Furthermore, all art pieces were donated to our organization for use in future publications. Should you wish to donate any artwork, please contact us at artesanando@yahoo.com. Thus far, Arte Sana has received 16 art pieces, to view the exhibit, please click here.

Read the artist statment from Jodi Rodgers.
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