Pueblo Skyscraper

by Jodi Rodgers

Prayer for New Mexico, 2004 (Various yarns on cotton seine warp. 12” x 12”) Through this piece, I set the intention to live and study therapeutic arts in New Mexico in the near future – a long-held dream ever since I first left my abusive situation in my early 20s. As this was my final piece for the summer tapestry intensive in N.C., it reflects an emotional deepening that was facilitated by my immersion in a progressive artistic community located in an exquisite natural setting. In addition, I discovered a soothing rhythmic and grounding quality to the weaving process, and in fact made a conscious choice to work directly with my hands on the loom (rather than using a device to help weave the yarn through the warp) in a way that felt ancient, nurturing and exquisitely feminine. I realized then that femininity no longer frightened me, and that it was safe for me to fully enjoy and embrace a traditionally feminine art form and, therefore, my own femininity.

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