Pueblo Skyscraper

by Jodi Rodgers

Pueblo Skyscraper, 2004. (Twigs, hand-dyed silk scarves, various yarns on cotton seine warp. 36” x 12”) This was the first piece I created at a summer weaving intensive in the mountains of North Carolina. The course was a gift to myself after an extremely trying year. I found the full-body experience of weaving on a floor room both therapeutic and inspiring, and by the end of the course, felt a significant healing had taken place by my simply showering up at the loom and letting my fingers wander spontaneously through various fiber colors and textures. Playing with the idea of mixing the natural and rustic with the refined and polished, I included found twigs from a nature walk in the surrounding forest in this color study that progresses rhythmically both in background and object.

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