Quite A Pear

by Jodi Rodgers

Quit a Pear, 1999 (Acrylic with gel medium on canvas paper. 24” x 20”) This was my first ever painting, and I am thrilled to see it evolve from a flat drawing on the back of a paper grocery bag to a more three-dimensional piece as my own visual perception capacities expanded. A limited palette assignment from a painting class at a community college, I was challenge by the ever-ripening pears to work quickly and confidently. Upon completing the painting, an art therapist friend pointed out that it was interesting for me to paint a “pair of pears” considering that I was engaged to be married, with the wedding only six months away. I noticed how the more curvaceous pear on the right, which I identify as myself since it has a more feminine form, is leaning on the more angular pear, which I consider to represent my husband – revealing to me that for the first time I was truly allowing myself to lean and be vulnerable. At that time, I was still feeling somewhat “in the dark” (hence the shadowy, more recessed feminine pear) in terms of my trauma recovery, yet I was continually inspired by my husband’s blossoming and shining as he grew in his own personal work and lit the way to me many times.

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