by Christina Marie, New York

our existence is so vulnerable, and life is so fragile. one moment, you are safe an happy in your own little world and the next, it is all stripped away. gone. and you become victim to the cruel harshness of reality. there is no human being alive that is immune to this. the cold hard slap of reality can meet you at any point in time. waking you from this dream that you call life that you drift through every day. then it comes to you and it stands before you challenging you and forcing you to look into its face, and to look into your own face, into yourself and then straight into your heart. who am i? why me? and you're never quite the same. something always feels different, and you make no attempt to lie to yourself, or to anyone else. Things will never be back to normal. It takes only a split second, a moment of carelessness or a wrongly spoken word to forever alter your life. and the presence of this change does not ever give up, or go away. its torment is un-relentless burning always in your mind.

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