Wounded Boys - Courageous Men

Gord Hall

Omemee, Ontario

We were just young, I didn't have parents, who was I supposed, to put my trust in, to them, you had to. My parents left me in the hospital and from there I was bounced from home to home. By the age of seven people were saying I had problems and needed, serious help I never got the help I needed.

The sexual assaults affected an area of my life that is difficult to talk about. I have lost two marriages because of my sexual dysfunction. I have difficulty in controlling my body’s responses during sexual performance. The sexual violation of my person as a child has cost me a chance for intimacy.

The memories haunt me. I had kept my mouth shut for forty years. Now I'm talking and I've been accused of molesting my daughter. I didn't but some survivors have because they didn't know how to handle it ... we were taught at the school it was all right.



His collar was white as the driven snow.
His robe was black as night.
But something in the way he spoke to me,
Said the devil wore black and white.
"I'm a man of God, I mean no harm,"
As he drew me closer to his side.
But in his touch, with intentions clear,
I knew the devil lurked inside.
He said "Like my God I love you,"
As he touched me in the night.
We lay on his bed as one entwined.
That devil in black and white.
He took away my little boy innocence,
And left me shame and disgust that night.
I must live with the pain, of a childhood slain,
Because the devil wore black and white.

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