Wounded Boys - Courageous Men

Leo Mongeon

North Bay, Ontario

Yesterday I took a waltz down the alleyways of my mind. As you know there are places you dare not go alone. I was drowned by the tears of a little child.. His sobs would have broken the heart of any living person. As I drew near I was taken with the fears of the unknown. Everything said. ... NO DON'T GO! But I was driven to get help because everything became darker and more frightening. I was leaving this hard unforgiving world and returning to forty years ago.

As I came closer I saw ... he was me. As I reached out to help him, he turned, on me like a vicious hurricane. 'With the voice of a hardened man he said. ... Are you like them? This inner child was a child, who never had a chance to play. In his eyes I saw fear, misplaced trust and enough anger to take a life. I remembered the gospel ... suffer the little children to come to me. So I sat behind. him and shared, his pain.

This bastard child, an outcast, a social leper. I spoke to him softly and told him I was there to help. I cried and played with him. My many years of surviving as a victim began to change. Vie can be restored to wholeness.




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