Wounded Boys - Courageous Men

Marcel and George Lauzon

Pembroke, Ontario

I am one of five boys from a family of twenty-four children who was sent to St. Joseph's. One time I passed a small traveling bag to my brother Leo. He escaped to Ottawa and went to the police to tell them what was happening at the school. They didn't believe him. He was brought back and received a terrible beating.

I was at St. Joseph's for eight years and three months. It was an eternity to me. They knew I came from a very poor family. I was a Lauzon, therefore nobody would care. I was used like an animal for their sadistic pleasures. I was beaten with hockey sticks, belts, whips, and tree branches. Then they put me in the infirmary. The whole surrounding village knew what was going on at St. Joseph's and many people from town worked there.

As a result of my abuse history I have lost a twenty-two year marriage. After I told my wife about what happened at St. Joseph's she thought that I was a queer. I told her I had to pretend to be one for the brothers or they would beat me. She didn't understand. She divorced me and married another man.


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