Wounded Boys - Courageous Men

Thomas Bell

Toronto, Ontario

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse I have never felt normal. I have never felt like I had a right to a life. I have always doubted myself because of the shame. I carry this shame around with me believing the crimes committed against me were my fault.

To begin the healing process I must turn the shame and blame over to the perpetrators and let them start their own healing.



We are the children of the past and the future.
You bore us and brought us into this world.
We looked up to you to teach us right from wrong,
but a lost of you failed in that category.
When will the pain and suffering stop?
When will it ever end?

You were supposed to raise us as human beings,
but instead you misused us.
You took us like a doll and threw us around,
you beat us until we were black and blue.
You stripped us of any self esteem
or self worth that a person could ever have,
verbally you destroyed us with your words.
Is anybody listening? Does anybody care?
We want the pain to stop but it never will.


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