Larry McCullough
Kingston, Ontario

"I got a personal apology from my abuser. He is doing five years at Kingston. He says he doesn't remember me. I was his special boy for over five years. All the other boys knew what that meant. I've been institutionalized all my life."

This exhibition WOUNDED BOYS - COURAGEOUS MEN is dedicated to the survivors of institutionalized child abuse.

Over one thousand former wards from two Catholic operated reform institutions for boys have come forward with stories of horrendous abuse. The abuses suffered by these children were at the hands of the Christian Brothers and other adults in position of authority entrusted in their care. Over thirty Brothers, former Brothers and lay staff have been charged and convicted with more than two hundred crimes. These crimes included physical, sexual, emotional, cultural and spiritual rape. This is the largest sexual abuse case known in Canadian history. Charges continue to be laid.

The students were from different cultural economic backgrounds. They were sent to the schools for a variety of reasons: delinquency, incorrigibility, abandonment, poverty and for protection from abusive homes.

This exhibition WOUNDED BOYS - COURAGEOUS MEN is a random sampling of the stories of these men. I had the privilege of meeting, interviewing and photographing each of these men and their families. As I shared the pain of my child sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy the climate of safety was created and their sharing stretched my levels of courage to its limits. The barriers between men and women dissolved as we moved past our fear and I found strength to listen to over forty men.

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I have images of men next to the photographs of the little boys they once were. Some men have no photographs of themselves as children. The absence of this image speaks louder to me . . . . a childhood lost. Once they were all vulnerable children.

Sexual abuse to children is not confined to institutionalized environments. It happens wherever there is an imbalance of power and lack of respect for human dignity. The misuse of power knows no economic or social boundaries. Therefore perpetrators come from all walks of life and wear many masks.

The selection of poetry has been written by survivors from these institutions. Through poetry these men are able to express the pain and effects suffered from their childhood as well as their healing process. This is part of their healing journey.

I thank all the men who had the courage to break the silence and share their stories. Through this sacred sharing my voice too, has been restored. I would like to thank you, the viewer, for your courage and openness. I hope this presentation allows you to listen and to hear these voices. Your comments are welcome.

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