Wounded Boys - Courageous Men

Artist Statement

E. Jane Mundy

I see photography as a medium of universal communication. If my work presents just one viewer's image in a new way, my work is valuable. I believe through an inner connection, social change can happen. This process of change can proceed with a universal language, a language of a human community . . .

Each child is born into a community. For most, this is the community of the family. This institution is the most powerful yet most isolated. It is necessary this be constructed with healthy building blocks. For many children this is not true. They struggle to survive.

I believe the structure of a healthy community is based on strong morals and values. Power-seeking, competition and lust for more, are not conducive to the difficult task of strengthening the fibre of a community.

Viewed on these walls are the substances from which the family and larger human community can grow into a healthier and deepened spirituality. An experience of oneness with all that exists in our great home ... the earth, is possible. An understanding and respect for all of its members are possible with heart to heart communication, such as these acts of expression before you.

When I looked into the eyes of these men and boys, I saw a reflection of my own vulnerability, struggles and strengths. I began to bridge the gap between us. A man and woman's spirit looked the same to me with this new vision.

I view abuse as a symptom of greater pain, that of being disconnected from being human. Being human as seen through the eyes of abuse is the hope for a rose to grow, from the thorns and the compost from which it begins.

I hope you as the viewer can grow in compassion, understanding and strength to act and stop the problem of sexual abuse in your community. Please read carefully and you, the viewer will take with you the tools needed to recognize the signs of abuse. You will also take the tools needed to support and protect the children in your life who may need to disclose their abuse. You will understand how to support them emotionally past denial and into recovery.

It is my life's work to see an end to all forms of child abuse. I believe this is possible if each person does a piece of the work toward accomplishing this goal.

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