Paul Goulet
Windsor, Ontario

They abused a sacred trust and took that trust and misused it for their own self-gratification. This authority was a gift from the Creator and they abused it as they ruined the lives of many generations to come. It will take seven generations to heal this evil.

Gord Hall
Omemee, Ontario

We were just young, I didn't have parents, who was I supposed, to put my trust in, to them, you had to. My parents left me in the hospital and from there I was bounced from home to home. By the age of seven people were saying I had problems and needed, serious help I never got the help I needed.

Thomas Bell
Toronto, Ontario

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse I have never felt normal. I have never felt like I had a right to a life. I have always doubted myself because of the shame. I carry this shame around with me believing the crimes committed against me were my fault.

Doug McCall
Penetanguishene, Ontario

At St. John's I was sexually abused by the civilian staff and, beaten with a cut down goalie stick by the Brothers.

In 1976 I murdered for the second time. The first was six months after being released, from the training school.

I have a behaviour problem not a medication problem.

Eldon Edward Provincial
Sudbury, Ontario

I was sent to the training school for stealing food ... who committed, the greatest crime? ... me for my hunger or him for his hunger?

I've been on welfare for over twenty-nine years because of what they did to my legs ... they ruined my life.

George Graham
Elliot Lake, Ontario

George never found out who raped him. He became a diabetic while at the school. The Brothers deliberately neglected his health and within a month's time he went into a diabetic coma. Following a months stay at a nearby hospital he was returned to the school's infirmary. The day he arrived back he was raped several times while they forced his face into a pillow. He never learned the identity of his assailants.

John Kenny
Oshawa, Ontario

Today I'm scared to get close to anybody. I feel I'm the kind of person people don't want to spend time with. I spend most of my time alone. I'd rather become an island unto myself than go through more pain. My pleasures in life come from movies, books, music and hockey and that's me.

Marcel and George Lauzon
Pembroke, Ontario

As a result of my abuse history I have lost a twenty-two year marriage. After I told my wife about what happened at St. Joseph's she thought that I was a queer. I told her I had to pretend to be one for the brothers or they would beat me. She didn't understand. She divorced me and married another man.

Leo Mongeon
North Bay, Ontario

As I came closer I saw ... he was me. As I reached out to help him, he turned, on me like a vicious hurricane. 'With the voice of a hardened man he said. ... Are you like them? This inner child was a child, who never had a chance to play. In his eyes I saw fear, misplaced trust and enough anger to take a life. I remembered the gospel ... suffer the little children to come to me. So I sat behind. him and shared, his pain.


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