Below are a few frequently asked questions we hope will assist you further during the art submission process.



1. How is artwork chosen for the Arte Sana Gallery?

Arte Sana will periodically post calls for art submissions based on selected themes that have been chosen by Arte Sana collaborative partners or for specific educational projects. Artists may also submit their work directly to Arte Sana at any time. Please review our guidelines for submission for further details. Submission of work does not guarantee placement in our virtual gallery.

2. How can submit my work for the Arte Sana Gallery?

The preferred entry method is via e-mail, however we will accept mail-in entries. Please read the guidelines for submission for further details.

Artists may send slides/photographs, and mail or e-mail poems and essays. Digital art should be sent in JPEG format on disk, or via email. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS! 

To keep the gallery running smoothly we will not be posting images that exceed 150K. Medium to medium-high quality yields excellent results and should produce a file 50K- 80K. No more than 5 images at a time in the Gallery for now.

NOTE regarding copyrights: Arte Sana does not apply for or supply an individual's copyright for their works. Check the related links section for copyright information.

3. I am a musician, how can my works be displayed?

In the near future we hope to add audio capabilities for musicians' work to be heard. For now, you can still exhibit your work by sharing your lyrics on the web gallery in the same format as poetry or essays.

4. What will Arte Sana do with my work after the exhibit?

As part of the conditions for submission Arte Sana requests permission to keep work samples on file and reviewed for gallery updates and future national and international shows. Arte Sana will also hold periodic art auctions of samples of work in order to raise funds for future Arte Sana Gallery projects and use some artwork in promotional materials.

6. How will I know whether my art has been accepted?

You will be notified of your acceptance either via e-mail, or a postcard naming which pieces were accepted will be sent to you. Only those submissions that are received with the signed release for the work will be considered. Arte Sana reserves the right to decline a submission.

7. What if I am only interested in exhibiting my work and would like to remain anonymous?

The Arte Sana art submission form includes a section that allows artists to include as little or as much as they wish regarding their personal identity and the inspiration of their work. Be sure to clearly state that you wish to remain anonymous

8. I am not a survivor of gender violence or racism, but I am an advocate and work with survivors. Can I also participate? 

Yes, absolutely. Those who work with survivors are also exposed to secondary trauma, and are very aware of the issues and obstacles facing survivors in both judicial and social systems. While some exhibit themes will give priority to survivor art, others will identify and invite specific advocate input.

9. I would like to help Arte Sana, and support the cause. What can I do?

We are interested in working with individuals who have experience using the arts to empower, heal, or educate on gender violence and racism issues. We are also interested in sharing articles, educational aids and activities via this website. Spanish language information and translation support is especially needed. There are many ways to help. Please contact us directly for more information at or at P.O. Box 1334, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

10. I am a survivor and need information related trauma and healing. Where can I go for help?

The Arte Sana links section includes a wide variety of information links on sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, racism, human rights, trauma, GLBT rights, victim's rights, and healing.


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