Participation in the Arte Sana Virtual Gallery is FREE! All Visual and Literary Art submissions will be permanently archived for possible use on the web site, in future projects, exhibitions and publications. Submission of work does not guarantee placement in such projects nor in our virtual gallery. Please do not send originals. We regret that submissions can not be returned. Please bookmark or print out this page for your records. We also request that you review our frequently asked questions before submitting your work.

We request that you fill out an submission form before sending us your work. You may submit your work in any of the following ways:


Arte Sana
P.O. Box 1334
Dripping Springs, TX 78620


General Formats accepted: JPG or GIF format on disk or via e-mail attachments (for specifics see below); photo copies; photographs; slides; text formatted as ASCII/plain text (.txt) file for poetry, short stories, etc.; manuscript excerpts; CDs; audio or video tapes, no film.

All works submitted for web gallery will also be reviewed for publications. Artists will be notified to sign release prior to any publications. Authors and artists presenting work on this site retain their own copyrights.

Bios: Please include a short biography/resume, and contact information to appear with work. Please browse our index of artists for examples of artists' bios if you are unsure of what to include.

Submissions for Online Web Gallery:

Images: For best reproduction in our web gallery, please format JPG and GIF submissions as 8-bit color, 72dpi. We recommend resizing images to be under 400 pixels high. These guidelines mean smaller file sizes and faster download time, increasing the visibility of all works. Both .zip and .sit archives are acceptable. If you send artwork as an email attachment and the email does not go through, your file size may be too large, please contact us for further instructions.

Text files: Please send all text either directly in email, or saved as an ASCII/plain text (.txt) file. Example: "poem.txt" -- please do not send .doc files. NOTE: some word processing programs no longer save .txt files as "generic" text, and are unreadable by other word processing programs (or even older versions of the same program). In this case, you will be notified via email to re-send your submission by copying and pasting into email (you may wish to do this in any case). For all text submissions, please let us know of any special formatting considerations (center, bold, italic, etc.)

Submission from a URL: Please include the exact URL of each image/text you wish to submit, using the following examples:

Valid image URL submission examples:

Invalid image URL submission example:
"Go to (, click on my name, follow the links."



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