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Cesar J. Alvarado is the former Membership Coordinator and Domestic Violence Program Assistant for Migrant Clinician's Network (MCN), a network of clinicians providing care to underserved populations and migrant farmworkers.
Sun Spirits
Rus Funk has been involved in the movement to end sexist violence since 1983. Having worked in Texas, Maryland, Washington, DC and currently in Kentucky, Rus focuses on mobilizing and organizing men as allies for women. He also works to improve services for teenagers, for children who are exposed to domestic violence, against police brutality and other hate crimes. Rus is the author of Stopping Rape: a Challenge for Men (New Society Publishers).
Spittin Nails
By candle light
"In a world full of abuse, oppression and injustice, poetry has been a space to heal, fight, and love. I write because through poetry, I find a healing tool."
With Death In My Eyes
Con La Muerte En Los Ojos (in spanish)




{amanda} a preferably undefinable set, on a journey of
growth, beyond definitions. seeking to participate in
the respectful process of personal liberation through
loving pedagogy and empathy; "look in the mirror, i
love what you see."
Table Top Stories
The Lap Dance Discovery

Stacie is a poet, writer, painter, full-time single mother, and student of two vivacious beautiful children.

Kimber j. nicoletti
Kimber J. Nicoletti is a dreamer, survivor, artist and the Minority Outreach Coordinator of the CARe: Communities Against Rape Initiative.  Kimber serves on the advisory council for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.  She is also a member of ALAS:  Alianza Latina en contra de Asalto Sexual. Kimber was a recipient of the 2003 Cesar E. Chavez “Si Se Puede” award for her sexual violence prevention work with the migrant farm worker community in Indiana. Kimber is the single mother of three awesome teenage daughters.
Resurrection of Spirit
Unknown Caller
Chinwe Odeluga is an African-American filmmaker, poet, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, lesbian and women's health activist. She also serves as an Austin Arts Commission Literature Advisory Panelist. 
Our breasts 
Efraim Zamudio works in batterer intervention at La Vida - the Southwest Detroit Partnership to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence Against Latina Women. The group seeks to address the problem of intimate partner violence (IPV) and the lack of culturally competent prevention and support services for Latina women and their families.
Persistencia (in spanish)
canto y poesÍa

Gracias al apoyo del grupo de consultantes Capacitadoras en Acción, Arte Sana puede ofrecer el fruto de nuestro primer ensayo del ciber activismo en conmemoración del 25 de noviembre. Con esta actualización estrenamos nuestra nueva sección CANTO Y POESÍA y compartimos información, arte, poesía, y letra de canciones por y sobre mujeres latinas que reflejan la violencia, la injusticia, la valenta, y la fuerza. Mil gracias a las siguientes consultantes por sus valioso aportes al tema especial de esta actualización de la página web.

Mientras que la vergüenza y el miedo nos pueden mantener encarceladas y aisladas; el canto y la poesía nos pueden liberar a gritar, llorar, reclamar y sanar usando nuestra propia voz y nuestro propio lenguaje.

Luis Sepúlveda - Las mujeres de mi generación
Lidia Falcón - Me hurtaron espacios de vida
Gioconda Belli - No me arrepiento de nada
Luis García Montero - Mujeres
Otto René Castillo - Arte poetica
Ana María Rodas
Assumpció Forcada - Terrorismo enmascarado
Julia Otxoa - Me niego a creer
Cristina Peri Rossi - Proyectos
Lena Holstein
Milka Rabasa - Si no fuera por ti
Eduardo García
Silvia Cuevas Morales
Esperanza Cerón - Pócima alegre para llamar olvidos
Alfonsina Storni - Bien pudiera ser
Bertalicia Peralta - La única mujer
Gloria Fuertes - Los pájaros anidan en mis brazos
Mario Benedetti - Defensa de la alegrÍa
María Elena Walsh - Retrato de señora que hace dulces

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An ongoing review of popular music with violence prevention potential.

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