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Ni Una + (Not One More)

November 15, 2003
Arte Sana creates an altar to honor Latina victims of gender-based along the border in conjunction with the commemoration of the 25th of November (Day of No Violence Against Women).
Recordando a las miles de víctimas de violencia sexual y violencia domestica, residentes de ambos lados de la frontera tejana / mexicana. Arte Sana construye un altar dedicado a las cuatro mujeres mexicanas que fueron emboscadas y asesinadas en la frontera el 4 de septiembre 2003.

"Walk in My Shoes" "Stamp out rape"

The tree is growing upward, toward the light. There are leaves and acorns. The mighty and majestic oak lives on through hurricane, drought, and time. This tree represents the growth which is possible - from victim to survivor to thriver.

Victims of sexual violence created these shoes.

The tree was forged by Lewis Riggleman, San Antonio, Florida.

A grant from the Department of Health through FCASV for Sexual Assault Awareness Month helped make this possible.

For more information on beginning a Shoe Tree contact Sunrise of Pasco, Inc. of Dade City, Florida at
Relevant solutions for changing such conditions as anorexia nervosa and intimate violence are explored through multi-media exhibitions, performances, poetry readings, art workshops and artists’/juror talks.

In Our Silence

 Victoria's Secret For Someone Special
Included in A Dress Speaks On-line Exhibit
Arte Sana
A selection of wooden hearts made by survivors, victim advocates, and artists from throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

We Were Your Daughters

 Tears of My Heart Creo
Corazón Lastimado On-line Exhibit 2002
Corazón Lastimado On-line Exhibit 2003



  digital art


mariel blanco
Mariel Blanco's artwork was originally entered in the first V-Day  STOP RAPE contest sponsored by Equality Now.  Five of these images were presented during the V-Day STOP RAPE recognition ceremony that took place in New York’s Madison Square Garden.  
Included in the Solidarity and Respect On-line Exhibit
La organización que lo hace es la Colectiva Mujer y Salud que se ocupa, sobre todo, de la defensa de los derechos sexuales y los derechos reproductivos de las mujeres, muy vilipendiados acá (como en otras partes) donde el aborto está penalizado sin ninguna causal atenuante. Una búsqueda de reencuentro de las mujeres con su cuerpo y de desacralización de algunas palabras ligadas al placer (orgasmo, deleite, etc. :ya bajadas de tono, no obstante, para no asustar) es emprender este camino por el que podríamos llegar a reivindicar nuestro derecho a decidir. Pensamos, por demás, insertarnos con esto en los preparativos de la Convención sobre DS y DR.  
Este Cuerpo Mio (This Body of Mine)
Ashley (age 14)
Statement from her mother: I am a survivor of a date rape incident (sexual assault) and a survivor of a physically abusive marriage and about 3 1/2 years ago I was going through a dramatic separation and finally got divorced over 2 years ago. Since then my ex-husband and I have a better relationship. But at that time is when my daughter at the age of 12 did this painting for me. The painting is of a woman that has this expression on her face and her hair is blowing in the breeze. It reminds me of where I was at that time and how far I have come. I even think it could be an expression of how she was feeling at that time. My daughter was expressing something in her painting.
Part of the 'Artesanando' online exhibit
This exhibition is dedicated to the survivors of institutionalized child abuse.

Over one thousand former wards from two Catholic operated reform institutions for boys have come forward with stories of horrendous abuse. The abuses suffered by these children were at the hands of the Christian Brothers and other adults in position of authority entrusted in their care. Over thirty Brothers, former Brothers and lay staff have been charged and convicted with more than two hundred crimes. These crimes included physical, sexual, emotional, cultural and spiritual rape. This is the largest sexual abuse case known in Canadian history. Charges continue to be laid.
Larry McCullough
 Marcel and George Lauzon George Graham
Included in the Wounded Boys - Courageous Men  On-line Exhibit
Nobuko Oyabu
Nobuko Oyabu is a photojournalist based in Omaha, NE. She first came to the States in 1990, earned a B.A. Degree, in photojournalism from Columbia College Chicago in 1995. She has been awarded by the National Press Photographers Association, the Nebraska News Photographers Association, the Illinois Press Photographers Association, and also the University of Missouri's College Photographer of the year. Her work has been published widely, and she serves as a lecturer on photojournalism.

Photography is her way to communicate with others. After her own experience of being raped, she is now thankful for the gift to understand pain, which allows her to communicate with rape and sexual abuse survivors in the level she had ever imagined in her career.

Nobuko was featured in the Lifetime original film "Fear No More: End Violence Against Women" in Feb. 2002. She also testified at the the Congressional Caucus on Women's Issues in Washington DC on March, 2002. 
Included in the Faces of Rape and Sexual Abuse On-line Exhibit



  installation art
The premise for Arte Sana's altar for the annual Day of the Dead celebration arose from the notion that much of what we believe to be true may often be an illusion. As an example, many of the privileges we hold dear in this country - such as our right to safety and freedom maintain their significance in part due to the reverence we ourselves place  upon them. However, when this faith is shattered, these gifts may seem to vanish instantly.

*Invisible Victims

 *Invisible Victims  
Included in the Day of the Dead On-line Exhibit


Ayer enmedio de un viento y frío y en momentos copos de nieve, un nutrido grupo de mujeres y hombres marcharon de la Iglesia del Refugio, donde fué bendecida la cruz por el Parroco Dizan Vazquez, a la Plaza Hidalgo, para colocarla. Un extrabajador de aceros, explico el significado de la cruz. Esta fue elaborada por los extrabajadores de aceros.
Posteriormente decenas de manos colocaron en cada clavo una tira con el nombre de cada una de las mujeres asesinadas. Se guardo un minuto de silencio y se concluyo el evento.

Due to the nature of the themes that we cover and the issues that we address, some of the artwork displayed may be explicit, disturbing, and potentially triggering for some people.
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